Focused On Your Goals

Focused On Your Goals

We remain intensely focused on the best interest of our homeowners.

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We are dedicated to the success of our homeowners which includes keeping on top of federal, state and local issues that impact your interests on Hatteras Island. There is no fine print in our contract or mark-ups in our services. We believe in keeping all of our dealings simple and easy to understand. Our team remains focused on your home, your goals and your bottom line – without distraction.

  • We only manage homes on Hatteras Island. This enables us to maintain an absolutely clear focus on the best interests of Hatteras Island homeowners. This includes being closely involved in local and state political forums on issues that affect your investment on this island and the tourism economy that makes it viable.
  • Our rental projections are realistic and based on actual market conditions.
  • We have a one-year management agreement. That means we have to meet or beat your expectations every year. 
  • Our team is seasoned and accomplished with well over 100 years of combined property management experience. We are dedicated to your success and managing your home according to your instruction.
  • We remain focused on the bottom line and goals of our homeowners as evidenced by our average annual homeowner retention rate of 98%.
  • We do not discount advance reservations and we do not discount or adjust your rates without your approval. 
  • We take a focused and simple approach to property management. Give the owners what they want, do it well and don’t overcharge for it. We do not mark-up any of our services or vendor services and we have no profit centers other than our rental and sales divisions. We believe that by being straightforward with our homeowners, we earn their trust. 
  • Our accounting statements are clear, easy to understand and available online. This makes it easy to see how your home is performing at any given moment and to clearly identify all of your expenses.

Working for your best interest is in our best interest. 
It’s simple, when you make money we make money.

Contact Rob Petty at 1-866-534-1795 ext. 123 or for a no-obligation rental analysis of your home today.