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We have enjoyed Surf or Sound as our rental agency since 2007. I like them because they manage our home like the business it is! The bottom line for us has been results. Our property has rented almost every available week over the past eight years frequently.

On the personal side, when we are enjoying a home here in Avon they treat us with great care. It's almost like Surf or Sound is our concierge at the beach. When we need something, they are there with suggestions and help when we need it. We believe that their staff is the key to their success. They are very dedicated and responsive and importantly for us, they are not on "island time". We have been encouraged to get to know the staff and to contact them directly if there is a problem. We are happy with Surf or Sound as our business partner!”
Owners of Moonglade in Avon

We switched to Surf or Sound 3 years after building our house and have no regrets. They have consistently increased our rental income every year for the last 10 years, and this year we are having our best season ever. The staff at S or S goes above and beyond to get our house ready for the season each year and does a fantastic job throughout the season. The maintenance staff is incredible. They have managed a complete water restoration project. Everyone is very responsive and capable. Marketing is excellent and keeps us up to date on current market conditions. We would never consider another company to take care of our house and highly recommend Surf or Sound.”
Owner of Castlemere

This is our 5th season since we bought our Waves rental property and our first since switching to Surf or Sound. The staff is amazing. Everyone is courteous, helpful, informative and responsive. We are aware of what is going on with our property; no surprises when we get our statements. Our property was marketed very well, and we are on track to have our best rental season ever.”
Owners of Splish Splash

As owner of an ocean front property in Avon I switched to Surf Or Sound from another management company a couple of years ago and I was surprised to see the big positive difference it made, both in terms occupancy rate and day-to-day management. I’ve been extremely pleased with Surf Or Sound’s performance, especially their effort to fill as many rental weeks as possibly, and I know they are looking out for my interests. As owner, I feel I’m good hands with Surf Or Sound.”
Owner of Windows to the Sea

We have been home owners with Surf or Sound since 2007. We like them because of their results and service. Our home has rented every available week the past two years. When we began with Surf or Sound, they consulted with us on the amenities that their guests liked and suggested vendors to upgrade our property. When we need service we go directly to the department manager to get the problem resolved. There has been no chain of command protocol that has hindered any of our requests. They are available to us. We value our relationship with the staff and call them friends.”
Owner of Moonglade

Sherry, Jackie and I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for everything that you and the Surf or Sound team have done to make our first summer as vacation homeowners so successful and enjoyable. While we have been visiting Hatteras Island for many years, vacation home ownership is an entirely new experience for us. Everyone has been very responsive and helpful answering our questions and addressing our concerns. We appreciate the suggestions we have received on how to make our home more appealing to guests and for updating our home's profile and photos as we implemented many of those suggestions. We are very pleased with the volume of rentals we have had this year, especially since we got quite a late start on the rental season. We wish every company that we dealt with was as customer focused and friendly as Surf or Sound. Again, thanks to you and the entire Surf or Sound team for making owning a rental property on the Outer Banks a worry-free and successful venture for us.”
Owners of Sandy Soles

My experience with Surf or Sound is 15 years. They have always functioned with me as a partner in providing the services and support to make our renters happy and ensure repeat business. Surf or Sound really listens to the concerns of the property owners, while at the same time suggesting pricing and services based on their broad experience with rental property. The accounting is always easy to understand and the Surf or Sound web page makes any and all expenses transparent to the renters. Surf or Sound are true professionals, always looking for new ways to improve their service. I thoroughly enjoy the warm, friendly voices of the staff on every telephone contact. Through purchases, I have had the opportunity to try 2 other big management services on Hatteras Island and I can state with certainty that the houses end up netting more for the property owner with Surf or Sound while maintaining excellent housekeeping and maintenance. Honesty is paramount when you are a non-resident home owner, and I trust the people at Surf or Sound.”
(now former) Owner of Pondview

“Dear “Surf or Sound”,
I was with one of your competitors for the past 2 years who promised me a low commission rate, and a plan for a good rental season. Needless to say their cost of doing business was not very low after the numbers added up on my monthly statement. Also and their rentals performance numbers were very disappointing. After 2 years of their excuses for poor rental performance I needed to make change, and happy that I did.

I am very excited about being with "Surf or Sound" this year! Your action speaks louder than words. This is my first season with "Surf or Sound' and I am already pre-booked 30% above the competitor last year’s entire season. Wow! I am also very impressed with the "Surf or Sound" staff, they truly have gone the extra mile to ensure a successful season and care of my home.

The only question I have for myself is - Why did I not switch to "Surf or Sound" sooner?”
Owner of Moon Splash

I switched to SOS three seasons ago and I can tell you that I am very happy I did. The SOS management has put together a team of quality people who each excel at their specialty. Knowledgeable people who have good communication skills, respond in a timely manner and ALWAYS have the right response. I would highly recommend them for the management of rental property here on the Outer Banks.”
Owner of Paradise Cove

We have had a relationship with Surf or Sound (SOS) for nearly a decade. We first started working with them with some hesitation when we first entered the Hatteras market because their pricing structure and philosophy was not exactly the same as some of the companies we have enjoyed relationship with on the northern beaches. But we were pleasantly surprised at their level of service and commitment, and above all level of performance. They proved to us that their "system" of pricing is many ways is better than what we were used to. Each year our homes have performed better with SOS and each year we have pushed the bar on the peak week rentals and each year we have had success and we have done this with multiple homes with SOS. Another area that we feel the SOS is strongest at is communication, especially on the backstopping and maintenance side, even with a wave of storm events, the SOS crew keeps its head high and professionally handles all situations.”
Owners of multiple homes

"As a new homeowner of Kinnakeet HI in Avon, NC and a new client with Surf or Sound, we want you to know how much we appreciate the way you have cared for our home, from the professional staff that have greeted our guests to making sure our home was/is advertised in all the right places. We salute you and your professional approach and are proud to be members of the Surf or Sound family. We look forward to having a long and wonderful relationship with such a wonderful and professional business."
Owners of Kinnakeet HI

Having used SurforSound for over 10 years for more than one home, I can say for sure that their performance is what keeps me coming back. Maximizing my investment performance is about more than just commission rates. It’s about keeping the house well maintained and using top marketing strategies to get the home the broadest exposure. The combination of these different aspects of performance on multiple fronts is what sets SurforSound apart. My bottom line for income and eventual resale is maximized with SurforSound.
Owner of multiple homes

"In seven years with our previous management company we never exceeded 10 weeks of rental occupancy in a year, and nothing before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. Since our switch to Surf or Sound last Fall we have more than 20 weeks already booked and it looks like we will have occupancy through the months of September and October as well. I don't know why I waited so long to make a switch!"
(now former) Owner of Corner Shack

It has been a pleasure working with Surf or Sound. The changeover from our previous realty company was seamless. Nothing was lost along the way. With Surf or Sound our rental bookings have improved markedly over those of recent past years. Surf or Sound has been focused on marketing our house and has demonstrated a superior capability to do so. Also, since Surf or Sound has been managing the property, normal maintenance issues have been handled promptly and effectively. Your people have been a pleasure to work with, and the resulting fees have been modestly fair. The overall effect is a significant improvement in our bottom line profit. I would encourage anyone with a home in the Hatteras Island vacation rental program to consider having Surf or Sound as their agent.
Owner of Surf’s Up

"Rentals are up and headaches are down. Glad I switched."
Owner of Whimseagull Waves

Please tell the entire Surf or Sound staff thank you for making owning this house such a pleasant experience. My real estate agent said you were the best on the island and I couldn't agree with him more. Everyone I have had dealings with has been professional and courteous.”
Owner of Big Sky

We were new owners and had purchased a rental home that was previously managed by another management company. After interviewing several, we knew Surf Or Sound would be the best choice. They worked hard in helping us reposition our property, advising us as to the best ways to renovate it and suggesting optimal rental rates. Surf Or Sound has a professional and helpful staff full of people who are friendly and dependable. We are glad we chose them.”
Owner of Neptune’s Court

I am proud to say that this is the first year since I've owned this home that it has paid for itself. Needless to say I am ecstatic with the results of your company's efforts. Second I would like to address the employees of Surf or Sound. I have dealt with an array of your employees and have been treated with respect and kindness. Unlike my former rental company whom I dreaded to talk with every time I picked up the phone. They deal with issues in a very timely and professional manner yet they make you feel as if they have known me for years when they are speaking with me. I really appreciate everything they do for my rental property. I just want to let you know that I will refer business to you without hesitation and I look forward to a prosperous future with your company.”
Owner of Gracie Mews

I have mixed feelings about this sale and a big part of my sadness deals with the folks, like you, at Surf or Sound. I cannot THANK YOU enough for all that you have done to make it possible for us to own a home from so far away. Even when we were living in China, I knew that Salvo Sunsets was being cared for!”
(now former) Owners of Salvo Sunsets