Hurricane and Storm Information

In the unfortunate event that a hurricane should threaten Hatteras Island, it is imperative that you follow instructions given by local authorities and Surf or Sound Realty. We will guide you through the necessary procedures in such an event. 

Not all storms will require an evacuation. We have weathered many storms while guests remain in their vacation homes. The Dare County Control Group monitors each storm very carefully to identify risk and will make determinations on a storm by storm basis whether an evacuation is necessary.

If there is not an evacuation, but the storm is expected to produce heavy winds and rain, we ask that our guests assist us in preparing their vacation homes for the conditions. We have provided a checklist below along with some helpful information. 

If there is an evacauation ordered by Dare County, we have provided some additional information here to assist you in preparing for evacuation as well as the checklist for preparing the home prior to your departure. 

We thank each and every one of our guests for their patience and understanding through any of these weather events.

Hurricane and Evacuation Procedures:

1. Once Dare County has issued a Mandatory Evacuation, and it is in effect, you must evacuate your rental home immediately. Please pack and bring all personal belongings.

2. During evacuation, since our staff’s evacuation may also be imminent, we ask that you please help us to prepare the home by completing the checklist below.

3. Exit Hatteras Island to the NORTH only! Once you reach Whalebone Junction, (the first traffic light North of the bridge) authorities will direct you to the safest evacuation route.

4. After the storm has passed, please check with Dare County Emergency Management at this link or their Twitter feed oor sign up to receive their alerts at this link. You may also call our office at (800) 237-1138 after we have re-opened to see if it’s okay for you to return. If everything is okay, we would like you to come back and enjoy the rest of your vacation with us!

5. Our policy is that we provide no refunds due to hurricanes or hurricane evacuations. However, if you purchased travel insurance when you made your reservation, you can call Red Sky Travel Insurance at this number to get more details about filing a claim: (866) 889-7409. 

6. If there are issues with access to Hatteras Island due to the storm, you may check with NCDOT for information about road conditions on their Twitter feed or Facebook page. You may also check status of the ferries on the NC Ferry system Facebook page.

Storm Preparations Checklist:

• Please close and tightly lock and all windows and doors. Please also close all interior doors.

• Close and lock all gates, screened porch doors & outside shower doors.

• Strap hot tub covers down tightly to secure them. Please call our office if the straps are broken or missing.

• Place the outside trash cans in the outdoor shower stall or underhouse storage areas.

• Stack all lightweight deck furniture on teh corner of the deck and lightweight pool furniture in the corner of the fenced pool area.

• Text our office at 252-995-5801 to inform us of your house name or number and time of departure.

Travel safely!