Hurricane Dorian Information

Access Has Been Restored to all areas of Dare County, including All Villages of Hatteras Island.

Hurricane Dorian made landfall at Buxton Friday and left behind hazardous conditions on Hatteras Island. Hatteras, Frisco, Buxton and Avon received significant soundside flooding. There is still standing water and sand on some roads on Hatteras Island.

We have assessed the condition of all of our homes and nearly all of them have no damage or only minor damage. We are happy to welcome our vacationers back to the remaining areas of the island tomorrow.

If you have been evacuated and have questions about filing your travel insurance claim, see below for travel insurance information.

Thank you to all of our guests for your well wishes and understanding.

Storm Updates posted on our Blog:

Dare County Bulletin #15: 9/11/19 5:30pm - Unrestricted Access to Hatteras Island Begins at Noon Thursday

Dare County Bulletin #14: 9/09/19 6:15pm - Updated Reentry Guidelines for Hatteras Island

Dare County Bulletin #13: 9/08/19 6:20pm - Visitor Access to Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo Noon Tuesday

Dare County Bulletin #12: 9/08/19 6:00am - Non-Resident Property Owners Permitted Entry to Hatteras Island at Noon Today

Dare County Bulletin #11: 9/07/19 7:45pm - Hatteras Island Remains Closed to Visitors but open to Residents

Dare County Bulletin #10: 9/07/19 9:30am - Hatteras Island Remains Closed

Dare County Bulletin #9: 9/06/19 4:35pm - Mandatory Evacuation Remains in Place

Dare County Bulletin #8: 9/06/19 12:00pm - Dangerous Soundside Flooding Continues

Dare County Bulletin #7: 9/06/19 7:45am - Dangerous Impacts Through Friday Afternoon

Dare County Bulletin #6: 9/05/19 7:00pm - Shelter in Place

Dare County Bulletin #5: 9/05/19 10:00am - Curfews Established

Dare County Bulletin #4: 9/04/19 6:00pm - Increased Threat of Storm Surge

Dare County Bulletin #3: 9/04/19 12:15pm - Hurricane Warning in Effect

Dare County Bulletin #2: 9/03/19 4:00pm - Hurricane Watch in Effect

Dare County Bulletin #1: 9/02/19 3:00pm - Mandatory Evacuation Issued

To receive information directly from Dare County Emergency Management:

For questions about Travel Insurance:

  • Contact Red Sky 1-866-889-7409
  • For online claims, go online to: In the box which asks “Please explain the circumstances of your claim”, guests should state “Mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Dorian effective 09/03/19”
  • For FAQ about your coverage, go online to:

For Travel Conditions on NC12 and Ferry Status:

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  • Download the Surf Or Sound App
  • Leaseholder may log in with email address associated with the reservation and the arrival date. 
  • Be sure to ALLOW PUSH NOTIFICATIONS in order to receive updates on your screen - we do not send unnecessary information through push notifications.

To allow additional guests to receive our notifications:

  • Log into the app
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  • Add the emails of all the guests in your party
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Hurricane Policy and Travel Insurance:

Our policy is that we provide no refunds due to hurricanes or hurricane evacuation. Travel insurance is available for your reservation. 

Every year, hurricanes and other unexpected weather events, sickness and injury cause travelers to delay, interrupt or even cancel their trips completely. The Sun Trip Preserver provided by Red Sky Travel Insurance can help cover your vacation investment. Please contact Red Sky Travel Insurance directly for details of their coverage, including a Description of Coverage, and any questions you may have at 1-866-889-7409.  Or go online to:
The Sun Trip Preserver program may be purchased until final rent payment has been made. Coverage will not be provided for a hurricane if you purchase the plan after the hurricane has been named by the NOAA National Hurricane Center. Surf or Sound Realty earns a commission from the insurance company.