What is a Waitlist?

Important details to know about Waitlist

▪ A Waitlist is a way for us to organize guests who would like to reserve a week
  that already has an unconfirmed reservation booked.
▪ When you join the Waitlist, there is a $25 plus tax fee which is 
  non-refundable and non-transferable.
▪ Once your request has been placed on the Waitlist, there is no need to
  contact us to check on your Waitlist status. We will contact you in the event
  that an unconfirmed reservation becomes available.
▪ If the home becomes available, the $25 Waitlist fee, plus tax, will be applied
  to your advance reservation once confirmed (applies to advance
  reservation fee).
▪ If a home has multiple Waitlist requests, they will be processed in the
  order booked.
▪ When a Waitlist request is confirmed, all other Waitlist requests for that home
  and date will be canceled.