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Dale Petty

CEO & Owner

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Dale Petty is the visionary leader, owner and CEO of Surf or Sound Realty, a premier Property Management and Real Estate Sales company established on Hatteras Island in 1978. With over three decades of experience in the industry, exclusively on Hatteras Island, Dale’s homeowner-centric approach transformed the vacation property management business on Hatteras Island.

Dale's attraction to Hatteras Island began while vacationing there as a child in the 70’s. Drawn to its charm and allure, he made the decision to move there in 1989 and immerse himself in the local real estate market. Starting out in real estate sales, Dale quickly gained a deep understanding of the industry and its dynamics.

In 1992, Dale took the bold step of acquiring Surf or Sound Realty, a property management company founded in Avon becoming the youngest company owner on the Outer Banks at the time. Under his leadership, the company evolved into the most homeowner-centric property management company on Hatteras Island. Dale's unwavering commitment to homeowners and their investments has set his company apart.

With his meticulous and process-driven approach, Dale has spearheaded numerous initiatives to optimize all aspects of property management. His emphasis on detail and efficiency has not only resulted in the seamless operation of the company but also propelled it to achieve remarkable milestones. During his ownership, Surf or Sound Realty has distributed more than a billion dollars of rental revenue to its homeowners.

Dale's unique perspective on the vacation rental industry has guided the company's growth and success. By viewing each home as unique with its own demand curve, he has maximized income for a community of homeowners who value partnerships and solidified Surf or Sound Realty’s reputation as the premier property management company on Hatteras Island.

As CEO, Dale Petty continues to inspire his team and lead the industry forward. His unwavering dedication to excellence, homeowner satisfaction, and innovation has solidified his reputation as a trailblazer in property management and real estate sales.