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North Carolina

Frisco is located between the villages of Buxton and Hatteras, offering a secluded retreat for visitors to Hatteras Island. Large trees dot the area, giving Frisco a look distinct from other villages. In the village’s early days, Frisco supplied boat builders with the necessary lumber to create magnificent ships, but today, tourism is the village’s primary industry, offering visitors a tranquil place to enjoy the good old-fashioned island life. 

For travelers looking for someplace peaceful to call home on their journey to the Outer Banks, Frisco has many accommodations to offer. Frisco is home to vacation rentals of all sizes and amenities, which are plentiful, including homes with pools and ocean and soundfront properties.

Frisco is a perfect example of the classic beach charm of the Outer Banks. Home to miles of wide beaches, horseback riding on the beach, and plenty of great fishing holes, Frisco is an ideal retreat for fishermen, boaters, and all-around beach lovers whose idea of a dream Outer Banks vacation is complete with miles of shoreline and plenty of peace and quiet.

Points of Interest

Things to Do in Frisco

Despite its serene reputation, the village of Frisco is home to many activities for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. Hugging the soundfront, marinas like the Scotch Bonnet Marina offer exceptional sound access for boaters and anglers. Kiteboarders and windsurfers also love the area for its miles of Pamlico Sound playground. In particular, Sandy Bay, located in between Frisco and Hatteras Village, is a hotspot for all sorts of classic Outer Banks activities.

Coastal Horseback Riding on Hatteras Island

For travelers looking to experience an adventure unlike any other, coastal horseback riding in the Outer Banks is best in Frisco. Participants explore Hatteras Island's natural beauty with the help of a horse and an experienced guide. On the excursion, riders will traverse through Frisco's maritime forest, take in all of the fantastic sights and sounds of the beach, and gallop right on the water's edge.

Historical Frisco Attractions

Frisco is also notable as the home of Hatteras Island's only airstrip, Billy Mitchell Airstrip. The airstrip's namesake, U.S. Army Air Service General Billy Mitchell, requested locals create the airstrip so he could demonstrate the effectiveness of aerial bombardment on surface vessels. With the help of the locals, Billy Mitchell Airstrip was born, and his demonstration was a resounding success as he sank two obsolete battleships 20 miles from Hatteras Island. Near the airstrip, shops, restaurants, and even a museum have cropped up as attractions for travelers.

Located across from Billy Mitchell Airstrip is the Frisco Native American Museum. Frisco was once home to the majority of Hatteras Island's Native American population. Today, the Frisco Native American Museum offers exhibits on both local tribes and Native Americans throughout North Carolina, as well as a walking trail that winds through Frisco's dense maritime forest.

Vacation Rentals in Frisco

With its peaceful environment and plethora of activities, Frisco offers a unique take on an Outer Banks vacation appealing to many travelers looking to get off the beaten path. Surf or Sound Realty has an unparalleled selection of Frisco vacation home rentals on Hatteras Island. Discover our outstanding collection of Frisco vacation rentals and plan your next Hatteras Island getaway today.

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