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North Carolina

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Cape Point are the heart of Buxton, and many visitors to the Outer Banks make this coastal village a priority. Buxton's stellar lodging options, and unique amenities, make it an ideal home base for exploring the Outer Banks. This welcoming village offers quaint shops, enticing local restaurants like Orange Blossom Bakery, excellent beaches, island parks, plus exceptional opportunities for recreation and adventure. 

Buxton has the largest year-round community of locals on Hatteras Island as well as luxurious vacation home rentals. Many of the village rentals are on the oceanfront, offering spectacular views. Buxton's choice lodging options, and array of amenities, make it a favorite base for travelers to discover the Outer Banks.

Points of Interest

Things to Do in Buxton

Buxton is small with a lot to offer There are numerous activities and attractions, with everything from fascinating historical sites to warm sandy beaches. The variety of Buxton's offerings lures return visitors, year after year. For many, Buxton begins to feel like their second home – it is the ultimate getaway with familiar comforts.

Fantastic fishing at Cape Point: South of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse you’ll find Cape Point, one of the best fishing beaches on the East Coast. It’s possible to reel in a mind-boggling variety of fish from Cape Point. Hundreds of different species swim in the area's waters, including bluefish, drum, mackerel, mullet, and tarpon. 

Beachcombing: Adjacent to Cape Point is tranquil South Beach, an excellent destination for beachcombers. The currents that bring large game fish to the waters also pump a variety of unusual seashells to the sand, including whelks, Scotch Bonnets, olive shells, helmet conchs, colorful scallops, moon snails, augers, and sand dollars. 

Worry-free swimming at a lifeguarded beach: Buxton has a rare lifeguarded beach in the Outer Banks, Old Lighthouse Beach. Located in the original home of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Old Lighthouse Beach is lifeguarded from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This sunny location, named one of the top ten beaches in the U.S., is a fantastic recreational area to soak up the sun and cool off in the clear blue waters.

Buxton Attractions

Travelers come from every pocket of the United States to experience Buxton's renowned attraction, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in North America. Before Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was built, the ever-changing currents off Buxton's Cape Point, plus the treacherous Diamond Shoals, made boating extremely dangerous. Hundreds of shipwrecks took place, and the area became known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic." 

Even after renovation, the original Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was too small to adequately warn sailors of the shore’s hazards. Hence, the government ordered the creation of a new lighthouse, reaching a towering height of 210 ft. Since 1870, the lighthouse has protected sailors with its illuminating beacon, visible for 20 miles out to sea.

Today, visitors can see Cape Hatteras Lighthouse's iconic black and white candy-cane striping and enjoy a scenic hike at Buxton Woods. The climb to the top of the lighthouse is 269 steps, the equivalent of a 12-story building, and provides visitors with thrilling scenic views. 

No matter where your adventures lead you, you’re sure to work up an appetite. Pick up a world-famous apple uglie at Orange Blossom Cafe or catch a bite to eat at Diamond Shoals, known for having the best clam chowder while visiting Buxton. 

Vacation Rentals in Buxton

With a luxury vacation home rental, you can stay near all the unique attractions in Buxton. Surf or Sound Realty features an unparalleled collection of vacation homes. Start searching Buxton cottages and premier vacation rentals today to plan your Hatteras Island getaway today.

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