Beach Gear for Rent

VayK Gear Rental Information

Once your reservation is confirmed, click here to reserve your beach gear!

For questions or issues with VayK Gear, contact them directly at 1-888-577-7412 or

Now in its seventh year! Don’t worry about packing your beach umbrella and buying another boogie board, reserve them now and VayK Gear will deliver these items to your home on check-in day.

Beachgear Logo Receive $250 worth of Beach Gear when you book a week in a participating home.

 A $25 delivery fee may be required.

Beachgear Disc Logo Surf or Sound Realty offers guests staying in non-participating homes 45% off beach gear - reserve however much gear you need for up to 14-day stays. For example, get $250 worth of beach gear for only $140 - saving you $110!

After you confirm your 2023 reservation, you'll receive an email from VayK Gear providing you the information needed for selecting and reserving your beach gear.

Who gets $250 of Beach Gear Credit with their stay?

Guest staying in participating homes receive a $250 (non-cash) credit toward beach gear for 2023 vacations arriving between May 20, 2023 – September 2, 2023. You can either search your home’s amenity list for “$250 of Beach Gear Included” or view homes participating in this program here: List of participating Gear Included Homes

What if I don't stay in a home offering $250 of gear?

All Surf or Sound Realty guests have the option of renting beach gear at an amazing 45% discount for reservations up to 14 days! For example, if you rent $250 worth of beach gear, you only pay $140. That is $110 in savings! This offer is available for 2023 vacations arriving between May 20, 2023 – September 2, 2023.

What if I want more than $250 of Beach Gear?  

You can order all the gear you want! Select what you want, and only pay the difference if the order is over $250.

What if I’m just staying a few days (less than a full week)?

While you can rent gear for any amount of days, the $250 credit only applies to stays of a week or more.

Does Surf or Sound Realty rent beach gear now?

Creating an amazing experience for our guests is our priority. With that in mind, we are partnering with VayK Gear to bring you this premier service.

What kind of gear can I order?

From bikes to beach equipment to water sports items and much more, VayK Gear has plenty of items to choose from to make your stay on Hatteras Island more fun!

How do I order my gear?

Once your reservation is confirmed, look for an email from Vayk Gear. Within this email you will find a customized link to select the gear you want for your stay.

Do I have to select my gear right after I book my house?

Don’t worry, you have time to think about what items you want! From the email to 48 hours prior to your arrival date, you can look around for which items will most benefit your vacation. Please be sure you make your selections by 48-hour deadline; otherwise VayK Gear cannot guarantee the availability of the items or that they will arrive the same day you do.

So you deliver it right to my rental home?

Yes! VayK Gear will deliver it on your arrival day. When you pack up to go back home, just leave the gear where you found it and they will pick it up, too!

Can I pick up my beach gear?

While you cannot pickup your beach gear, the ease of delivery means less stress for you on arrival day! Just roll in, unpack, and dive right into your vacation.

What if I need to change my beach gear selections?

Last minute changes can be made up to 4pm the day after your scheduled check in date. Please note, selection changes made up to 48 hours before your check in day are free of charge. Any changes made after this period incur a $50 late fee, and delivery will be made on the next scheduled delivery day. These last-minute changes are also subject to availability.

What happens if I don’t use all of the $250 credit?

This credit is only valid for this vacation, expiring 24 hours after you arrive so be sure to use all your credit!

Do I need to put down a deposit for the beach gear?

Deposits are not applicable, VayK Gear keeps a card on file for any damaged or lost gear.

Do I need to do anything with the gear when we depart?

The only thing you need to do is clean the equipment and put it in the same spot it was delivered. Vayk Gear will pick it up!

What if something goes wrong, who do I call?

For any issues involving Vayk Gear, please call them directly at 1-888-577-7412 or email their support system at

List of Participating Gear Included Homes

138 Salvocean
160 Cheerio
270 Seagate Station
303 Casa Azul
333 Bramasole
357 Vacation Meditation
368 Sea Whisper
369 Sea Mist
439 Calypso
469 Rodanthe Fantasea
506 Sounds Frisky
566 La Familia
663 Hatteras Dream
683 Rising Sun
684 Moonshine
685 Shooting Star
701 South Shore Dreams
778 Time Out
782 Forever Moore
783 Great Expectations
802 Sweet Dreams
857 Windward
862 Perfect 10
865 Atlantic Dream at Tarheel
918 Cape Sol
943 All Swell
957 Coral Breeze
999 Bonzer Beach House
1037 La Bella Vita
1045 Inn at Rodanthe
1049 Sea La Vie
1069 Avon Anchor Management