Pure Management and Sales

Pure Property Management and Sales

Surf or Sound Realty is purely a property management and sales company.


Our purpose is not diluted by the operation of sideline businesses that profit at your expense. Our business model has been proven to produce the highest return for investors while providing the excellence of care you expect for your home and your guests. Our many years of success in producing the maximum rental income for homeowners has enabled us to represent many of the most luxurious homes that grace our island.

  • Property management and sales is all that we do. We do not own or operate for-profit support services such as linen, pool and spa or HVAC services. We make recommendations based on what you need, not on programs or services for our profit at your expense. Maximizing your rental income is our top priority and our income is a direct result of your success.
  • We do not self-insure our accidental rental damage insurance program. That means we do not benefit by minimizing damage claims for your home. 
  • We do not charge an additional fee to brand your home as “elite”. Most of our homes are elite. 
  • With our line-item pricing model, you keep more of your advertised rental rate. For an accurate comparison of our pricing model to that of our competitors, just calculate each company’s “effective” commission rate (commission + fees deducted from the advertised rental rate).
  • We do not advertise “no fees” to your guests and then hide multiple extra guest charges in your advertised rental rate including credit card fees, damage insurance premiums, recycling fees, cleaning fees and linen fees. 

Our standard commission rate covers most of our services. Some other companies offer lower commission rates then charge extra for the following services:

  • Weekly cleaning.
  • Maintenance trip charges.
  • Mark-up on goods and services for your home.
  • Processing vendor invoices.
  • Additional spa liability insurance.
  • Guest welcome bags.
  • Home photography.
  • Disbursement checks, paper statements and copies of vendor invoices.


Contact Rob Petty at 1-866-534-1795 ext. 123
or pmteam@surforsound.com for a no-obligation rental analysis of your home today.