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Enjoy an Outer Banks Experience - The Pamlico Sound

With over 600 premier Hatteras Island vacation home rentals, Surf or Sound Realty has incredible homes all over the island, including on the “sound side.” When browsing our inventory, you’ll soon discover plenty of beautiful Outer Banks soundfront vacation homes, including one just right for you. Many of our soundfront vacation rentals have direct access to the sound, and several soundside neighborhoods have community access. All of this means aquatic adventure can be right around the corner! 

If you aren’t staying at one of our soundfront Hatteras Island rental homes, don’t worry! You can find soundfront accesses in the park between villages. A driving permit is required to drive onto the sand. There are also soundside parking areas with bathhouses, like the Salvo Day Use Area and the Haulover Day Use Area, also known as Canadian Hole.

Colorful sails of a sailboat glow, backlit by a bright setting sun. Marsh grasses glisten in the foreground. Sound to the right.
Walkover leading to the white sand beach of the soundside Haulover Day Use Area between Frisco and Hatteras Village

Things to Do on North Carolina’s Pamlico Sound

The Pamlico Sound is a large body of water between Hatteras Island and the mainland, reaching 30 miles wide at some points. The Pamlico Sound is a wonderful place to learn a new watersport, like paddleboarding, windsurfing, or kayaking. One pastime uniquely popular on Hatteras Island is kiteboarding. With lessons available throughout the island, giving this sport a try is easy and safe! Keep reading for more information on things to do during your soundfront excursion.

Why Families Love the Sound

Because the sound’s waters are shallow in many spots, it is a great option if you are vacationing with small children. Bring your toddlers to the sound and let them splash around in the shallow water to their hearts' content. For an extra level of enjoyment, take along a raft, inner tube, or boogie board for them to float on while enjoying the views.

Outer Banks Kayaking

For a relaxing adventure out on the open water, try a kayak tour with one of the local recreation companies on the island, like one through Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. There are also options if you prefer a self-guided outing. You can rent kayaks and launch them from many boat launches on the island. Some soundfront homes have direct access to the sound or canals that offer a peaceful paddling adventure for even more convenience.

Stand Up Paddleboarding in the Outer Banks

One of the newest watersports gaining traction on Hatteras Island is stand-up paddleboarding. Many local surf shops rent boards and paddles, and some even offer tours and lessons. 

Stunning Outer Banks Sunsets

Of course, at the end of every day, we all look west to appreciate the spectacular show that Mother Nature puts on for us each evening. On Hatteras Island, we have the unique opportunity to enjoy the picturesque sunset view over the water. Sit out on your home's west-facing deck with your favorite nightcap for the best show on the beach.

Rent one of our Outer Banks soundfront vacation home rentals today! Call us to learn more or for help in selecting your home away from home.

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