Soundfront Experience and Vacation Rentals

Enjoy the Pamlico Sound

Many Soundfront homes have direct access to the sound. Many soundside neighborhoods have community sound access, and you'll find plenty of beautiful Outer Banks Soundfront Vacation Rentals in the area. There are soundfront accesses in the park between villages, but you will need a driving permit if you intend to drive out in the sand. There are a couple of soundside parking areas that have bathhouses: the Salvo Day Use area and the Haulover AKA Canadian Hole. Read on for more information about our Soundfront rentals OBX, and the amazing things to do in the area!

Small Children Love Playing in the Sound

Small children are often afraid of the waves, and as parents we appreciate that healthy fear. Take the toddlers to the Sound and let them splash around in the shallow water to their hearts’ content. Even better, take along a raft, inner tube or boogie board to let them float around on.

Soundfront SubsetFun on the Sound

The Pamlico Sound is a large body of water between Hatteras Island and the mainland. At parts, it is 30 miles wide. Most of the sound near the shore is shallow enough to walk which makes it a wonderful place to learn a new watersport. Stand up on the paddleboard, fly the kiteboard kite, sail the windsurfer, paddle the kayak. If you fall, you can usually stand right back up.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

The latest watersport to make a splash on Hatteras Island is Stand Up Paddleboarding, otherwise known as SUP. The sport consists of standing on a large surfboard and using a paddle to propel yourself along the surface of the water. You can kneel or stand up. Some people even take a small child or dog on the front of the board with them. (Make sure your child wears a flotation device.) Most local surf shops rent boards and paddles and some even offer tours and lessons.


Try a kayak eco-tour with one of the local recreation companies on the island. A popular tour is the sunset tour in Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. You can rent kayaks and launch them in many boat launches on the island. Some soundfront homes have direct access to the sound or canals that offer a peaceful paddling adventure.

Soundfront Subset 1Sunsets

Of course, at sunset we all look west to appreciate the spectacular show that nature puts on for us each evening. On Hatteras Island, we have the unique opportunity to enjoy that sunset view over water. Sit out on your home’s west facing deck with your favorite beverage and friends for the best show on the beach.


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